Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello and Welcome

I am starting a blog to help me connect with other crunchy mamas, give tips, advice, recipes etc to mama's that want them and to help me keep track of what my new little monster is doing day to day. (haha)

My 'normal' friends on my other blogs and sites are probably getting annoyed by my constant 'mommy posts' or 'natural posts' as a lot of them don't have babies anymore. So that brings me here.

A little background on me:

I have an eleven year old daughter. Whew! Crazyness all on it's own!
I also have a 4 month old daughter.
I practice attachment parenting
I practice babywearing
I exclusively breastfeed, no bottles, no formula (My first never took a single bottle, this one we've tried once or twice, more so for fun than anything and she didn't want it, lol)
I extend breastfeeding and practice self weening. My first self weened a little after 2 years.
We exclusively cloth diaper
I practice as much holistic medicine as possible. Only when it doesn't work do I move to something else.
I DO vaccinate, this is my one big non crunchy item.
We try to buy local, natural and organic. I slack on this sometimes as I'll discuss in other blogs.
We try to reduce waste and recycle.
Eliminate chemicals in the home as much as possible. (We're on this one as well)

There's a lot I am working on improving. There's a lot I still don't know and things that just didn't occur to me to look into. I'll share those as I find them. But as for now, that's the summary of my upcoming blog in a nutshell.

We're cooky and wacky and all in all a strange, fun family, so I'm sure there will be stories on our mishaps to come as well!

Thanks for reading! I think this could get fun!

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