Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Fun and a Babywearing Struggle

Today was fun. (And FREE)

We (And we means, my 11 year old, my 12 year old niece that is visiting from out of state, and the little one) went to a Kids Fair at a local super market. Silly but fun. They had face painting. Temporary tattoos. Water Balloons. Balloon animals. Prize packs. Goodie bags. Etc. All for free so who can complain?

Then we went to the Beardsley Family Farm Festival. Great local event that helps raise money and awareness of a local co-op community farm. People with no ground of their own can come here and raise crops for their family. Great little place.

They had more crafts for the kids to do. Seed art was a hit. A wonderful local band playing. A kind of hip hop reggae jive band, I loved them! Bar B Que catering. It was wonderful.

Was the only babywearing mama I saw and did get some comments on our Woven Wrap. People that have not been exposed to babywearing around here all comment on how "clever" it is. haha cute.

I did have one woman notice our diaper and ask if it was a new "print' or something like those new 'jean' diapers. I said, "no, it's cloth" and she just said "ohh" and walked away like I was crazy. Sigh. Oh well.

I did have a struggle of my will today. I have been searching around for just the right high chair as my little one is approaching that 5 month mark soon. I thought it'd be nice to let her start sitting at the table with us for meals. Being part of my "Reuse" (RRR) we try to thrift store shop or Freecycle as much as possible. So here I am at a new shop I've discovered and run across my dream stroller. The one I drooled over and eyeballed online while pregnant just wanting.
A Peg Perego Pram Convertible stroller. Normally retails for $400 and up. It was sitting in this tiny, crowded, dust filled consignment shop for $90. I wanted it. I wanted it so bad. I wanted to do anything I could to justify spending that $90 on it. I kept reminding myself I am a babywearer. I've only drug out the stroller that was handed down to me a total of twice now, and only because they were all day trips and I thought it might be nice mostly for hauling around 'stuff' moreso than the baby. I don't need this $400 dream stroller.... I just don't.

But my heart ached for it. Why? I can't say. I don't know what draws me to this piece of material and metal quite so much. I wanted it because of it's cute old fashioned pram look yet new modern feel when I was pregnant. I dreamed of this type of stroller when I was pregnant with my first fully knowing I'd never be able to find and afford one. I love the options the stroller gives, the versatility and the storage. That it can be a pram, a toddler seat and up. That it can be forward facing or backward facing. I want it.

They offered to get it down for me. To let me "try it out" and let me play with it. I declined. I knew if I did it was coming home with me.

It was a struggle to walk away. But I did. I am still fighting with the idea of going back. (haha) My mantra tells me not to. I don't need it. It's wasteful to spend the money on it. I just want it because of what it stands for I suppose. I have a stroller I don't use already. AND not to mention that I'm not the biggest stroller fan anyway.

That's another blog entry in itself though. ;-)


  1. Hehe, that DOES sound fun! I'm glad you guys found something entertaining to do in this heat!

    I know I don't have a baby of my own anymore, but I'm definitely interested in your various green projects. X & I are always looking for ways to reduce our family's carbon footprint & live more naturally. Not to mention, I love you & am interested in reading you... So, I'm gonna follow & read :)

  2. Sounds good doll. Much love to you too, and I fully plan to have all kinds of things that are not baby related as well. (You know me, when I get into something I dive in head first!) So I want to do stuff on natural cleaning products, holistic medicines and herbs, etc etc. They'll be fun for all!