Friday, June 11, 2010

As I sit here nursing...

I spend quite a bit of time with a baby in my lap. Sometimes sleeping, sometimes nursing. Sometimes its hard for me to not feel guilty about just 'sitting around on the couch' while there is so much that needs to be done.

I am a person that struggles with housework anyway. There's more fun stuff to do than dishes after all. I'm also a 'dreamer' as I've always been called in school. It seems I lack the dedication to follow through on things but often it's just that something else came into my mind, distracted me or seemed more important at the time than the current task.

My husband says watching me clean is like watching a 'reverse tornado'. I'll scatter from one area to the next, one room to the next and never really finish one room or one area in one setting. I pick something up off the kitchen table that needs to be in the bathroom. Get to the bathroom and realize the sink is dirty, so I start cleaning it. Put the cleaner away only to find that cabinet is a mess and start to organize it, only to remember I was trying to get the kitchen table cleaned off. That's me.

I type like that too, oftentimes. I talk like that. I THINK like that. I'm always going going going. I seem calm and collected but I'm always going.

This is why as I sit here nursing, calmly sitting on the couch with my little one, I'm planning, plotting and thinking.

It's almost noon and I have to decide on what project I am going to undertake for the day today. I think today I am going to head out to Bed, Bath and Beyond, or Hobby Lobby or something. I need a clothes line. I need a vacuum sealer to get started on some food storage projects. I need some cloth to play with as I am trying to learn to sew. I want to buy more hand towels to keep us from using some much paper towels. I need vegetable plant food for my seedlings. I think my project of the day is going to be to get things to start other projects.

I am also trying ever so hard to stay away from the local cloth diaper store ( which is having an amazing sale, but I am sure I will end up there. I can justify needing the things I will get there. This whole trying to budget thing seems hard sometimes. Sometimes it seems like you have to spend money to save money.

Right now I am in the process of saving money (And staying green and natural) by starting the following projects:
- Setting up a pantry area to allow food storage and buying in bulk
- Better freezer containment and storage to prevent waste and freezing for later
- Gardening our own veggies
- Making many of my own baby products
- Learning to sew
- Line drying to save on energy bills and products for dryer
- Creating 'natural' cleansing products to both save money and keep chemicals out of the home

And of course the 'norms', breastfeeding so no formula costs, no bottles. Cloth diapering is a given on a budget.

More to come on how these projects go!

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