Saturday, June 2, 2012

A little bit up

Everything seems to be going a little bit up from some of the downs we've had lately.

Dropout has landed a fairly cushy sounding job that will not only, hopefully, keep him intellectually challenged and interested but also provide us with a decent pay raise and benefits. The schedule is not bad either :-)

We are pretty excited about that. He will not officially start until August. But until then he is going to go in a couple nights a week to shadow. They are paying him for that, so it should help make up a bit for the hours I am loosing by not working my 1-2 shifts at the store currently. :-)

Baby Riot is growing!
It's an amazing turn, over all. She grew half a pound in two weeks! It's pretty unheard of in IUGR babies to have that sort of leap so we can say one of two things: A. Either she does not fall into IUGR baby after all OR B. She is just an amazing, remarkable little fighter. :-)

She jumped from the 9th percentile to the 21st. She still has some growth restriction signs so we are not out of the woods or anything per say, but looking up. She still has Head Sparing (Pulling to the brain and sacrificing the rest of the body). Her head measures on target though, which is great news. Her little legs are measuring a week ahead, so it looks like she'll be long and leggy like my other girls. :-) And her abdomen is still about three weeks behind. She's not got a lot of fat deposits, but muscle tone, as of right now appears to be good.

I've stayed on the couch about 90% of the day for the past several weeks and started eating a high protein diet and eating Protein rich Ensure and Boost. I read it helped. My doctor said it wouldn't but, hey something did so we are sticking with it!

If by some chance we can keep it up and she stays with that consistent level of growth we SHOULD be able to get her up to about 5, 5 1/2 pounds before she is born. In which case she won't have to go to NICU unless she is just really weak. It also means we shouldn't have to take her early OR have a c-section. Yay for that!

So, overall, great news this way!

Our next appointment is a Biophysical Profile on Friday so hopefully it will continue to look up. We won't know how much she's grown for another two weeks and by that point I'll be36 weeks.

fingers crossed!

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