Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fall is Upon Us

Finally the weather seems to be mellowing out somewhat. It's been a crazy hot summer.
Dropout is talking about moving back to Chicago in a few years. He starts his new job as an Instructor at a College in about a week and wants to get several years under his belt before we go.
I'm excited about the idea of a new city but there's so much here that I will miss.
The Farmer's Markets here are amazing! The Natural Parenting Store I work part time at. The Holistic Moms Network I lead. All the locally owned businesses I've grown to love. The support network that is so big here that we have the HMN, Birth Network, ICAN, Homebirth Group, Babywearing, Breastfeeding Coalition, Mom's Mothergoose, BreastFriends... I mean, How cool is THAT!? The Homeschool circle... So much.

But by that time, maybe I'll be in a new chapter in my life anyway. The little's will be elementary school aged. The older will be GRADUATED! 

Changes are a part of life.

Little Riot is getting ready to celebrate the changing of the seasons by starting her transformation.
Her first appointment to start her casting is this Friday.

I'm excited about the process but of course a little nervous and scared.

She is such a mellow baby. I've never had a baby that was so "Low Needs" as opposed to my High Needs kiddos, *laughs* I'm just worried it might change my mellow girl into a fussy unhappy baby.

But hopefully, her being so chill and happy will make this process easier than if it would have been my other kiddos. :-) Maybe these things work themselves out.

I can't believe it is almost fall. It is almost time to start Riot's transition. It is almost time to start Punky's (lil) school for her last year of Middle School! It's almost time for a job change.

So much to get done and get started.

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