Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh the Impulsive Ones

I'm one of those people that dive head first into things without really thinking it through. I don't always even have reasons for doing things before I do it. Sometimes I come up with reasons why after, *laughs* I'm one of those people.
I have a box and collections of things I was "Going to Do". Craft projects that never get finished. I changed my major in college THREE times, then I never finished.
I became a vegetarian one day when I was 12, why, no idea. Just occurred to me I wanted to do it to try it out. That one lasted 10 years. Then it occurred to me I wanted to eat Bar-B-Que.
I used to get in my car and drive places and see where I ended up. I'd take road trips to nowhere.

It's one of those traits you either have to love or hate about me. I'm impulsive and I just do things.

This causes people to not always take me overtly seriously, obviously. When I come up with my 'brilliant' ideas I get a lot of head nods and "that's nice", without a lot of real support. People know some things stick but more things probably really don't.

So, having laid that all out on the table I've come to realize a few things lately.
After talking to a friend who was looking for help with tooth pain, it occurred to me that I have not taken any medication since finding out I was pregnant. Rebel is 6 months old now. So it has been over a year. (I HAVE been on the mini pill, so not 100% true) I was a little too paranoid while pregnant. After losing a baby I just didn't want to take any chances so I starting learning how to either just 'deal with it' or finding a natural remedy for it.

It's been six months and I am still cloth diapering. No idea why people think it's so hard or they quit actually. So I don't think I'll quit that one anytime soon.

Still breastfeeding, but that one doesn't surprise me as I breastfed Lil for over two years.

I'm still sewing. Still having a blast sewing! I don't see giving this one up either.
Maybe I found a craft I can really get into finally.

There's more, but, it's really helped my overall confidence in myself and my decisions to think and reflect on some of these things.

I was growing concerned that some decisions I've made might be more things I'm just going to give up... But I don't think I will. I think I'm going to see this "Crunchy Mom" thing through. ;-)

Maybe once you find something that really feels right it's not hard to keep it up.

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  1. ::grin:: And I think that's the point right there. Anything worth sticking through & doing as part of your Lifestyle should come easily to you & you should be able to enjoy it. Good job Miss Bethy!